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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Find svar på de mest almindelige spørgsmål ved flyrejser med Airseven.

Frequently asked questions, answers the questions of which we recieve the most.

If you can not find the answer to your question, please contact us at [email protected]


Check-in to most European destinations opens two hours before departure and closes 45 minutes before departure. Some flights close earlier, information about this can be stated on your travel document.

Passengers arriving at check-in later than 45 minutes before departure may be denied check-in and boarding.



When you travel from Billund, it is possible to check in yourself by using the self-service machines. Self service opens for check-in two hours before departure and closes 45 minutes before departure, as is the case for ordinary check-in.



At Billund Airport, there are check-in machines where you can check yourself and your luggage in. When you check in using the check-in machines, enter the number of your tickets or scan your barcode. Then you will have your boarding pass printed and, depending on the airline, also bag tags.

You must put the luggage tag on your luggage yourself, after which it must be handed in at a counter with a luggage drop.

Can kids travel alone with Airseven?

Yes, children are welcome to travel alone. They must have ordered assistance, until they are 12. If they are between 12 and 16 it is possible to order assistance, however, this is not a requirement, if you need assistance, you must contact your travel agency.


Can i fly, while being pregnant?

Yes, pregnant women can fly without restrictions up to and including the 34th week of pregnancy. From the 35th week of pregnancy up to and including the 37th week of pregnancy, the pregnant woman must not fly for more than 3 hours and 59 minutes and must bring a medical certificate which must be presented on request at check-in and boarding. After week 38, flying is not allowed.


If you are pregnant with 2 or more children, there are no restrictions up to and including week 27, from week 27 to and including week 31 the pregnant woman must not fly over 3 hours and 59 minutes, and a medical certificate must be brought which can be presented on request. at check-in and boarding. After week 32, travel is not allowed.


In the event of previous complications in connection with the pregnancy, a medical certificate must always be brought, which must be presented on request at check-in and boarding.


It is recommended that you bring your pregnancy journal in the special case that you should go into labor earlier than expected.


Can i bring extra hand luggage for my child under two years?

It is allowed to bring 1 stroller / pram for check-in free of charge.


Is the stroller included in luggage weight?

Each passenger under the age of 12 can bring one stroller free of charge.


Can i bring babyfood onboard?

It is allowed to bring baby food for the trip in the hand luggage. The containers may be larger than 100 ml, but must still be packed in transparent plastic bags and placed on the security belt. 

At some airports, you may find that baby food will be taken out for further random checks.


Is there a changing room on board?

Yes, there are changing tables on our planes. However, it is different where they are located, contact cabin crew on board if needed.


Why should not two children under the age of two sit in the same row?

Children under two years do not have their own seat ticket and therefore not a seat. In the unlikely event of a pressure drop in the cabin, in this case there will not be enough oxygen masks for two children under the age of two, as a row of three seats has four oxygen masks available.


Can I sit with my 3-year-old child on my lap during the trip?

No, Children over 2 years of age must sit in their own seat during take-off and landing.

Children under the age of 2 must sit in the lap. The cabin crew will hand out a special life jackets and an extra seat belts for babies up to 2 years old.

You can buy a seat for your child under 2 years of age through your booking providor, in such cases the child must sit in a car seat that is approved for aircraft, this can be brought free of charge.

I forgot my jacket, phone or duty free bag on board, what do I do?

It depends on whether you forgot something on the outbound or inbound journey. As a starting point, always contact the airport where you think the loss happened.

Outbound Journey

Passengers who have forgotten something on board on the way to their final destination should usually contact the lost property office at the arrival airport. If necessary, contact your guide for help in recovering what you have lost. For safety reasons, Airseven may not carry items unrelated to the passenger on board. Items that are forgotten on departure are therefore not refunded automatically.


Inbound Journey

If Airseven finds forgotten items on the plane after returning home, they will be handed over to the lost property office at the current airport. If the owner does not contact them, forgotten cases will be transferred to the police at the lost property office after a few days. The exceptions to the above are passports, personal documents and money, which are handed over directly to the police at the nearest airport.

Does Airseven fly into Ukraine airspace?

No - None of the Airseven flights are near Ukraine or Ukrainian airspace. Airseven also does not enter Belarus' airspace.

Passenger rights according to EU-Regulation 261/2004

The following rights do not apply

  • If Airseven is not the carrier
  • If the ticket has not been available to the public
  • If the travel interruption is due to the passenger's fault, or
  • Unusual circumstances.

Examples of unusual circumstances include, but are not limited to:

  • Meteorological circumstances
  • Safety risks such as technical problems that suddenly arise or other unexpected errors in flight safety
  • Strikes affecting air operations
  • Political instability
  • Provisions relating to air traffic management
  • Other security aspects

What do I do if I need extra oxygen on board?

If you suffer from a heart or lung disease or something else that causes a need for oxygen supply during the flight, you must contact the travel agency well in advance of departure and preferably already when the ticket is booked.


May I bring my electric wheelchair?

It is the Passenger's responsibility to ensure that the requirements are met, and CAT / Airseven reserves the right to refuse transport if special conditions are not met.


We only accept dry / gel cell or lithium-ion (wheelchair) batteries (lithium-ion batteries can not exceed the total amount
of 300 watts) for a device powered by two batteries; each battery must not exceed 160wh. Sealed and
leaky batteries are not allowed for transport.


Wheelchairs must not exceed 112 x 115 x 72 cm. The battery power must be insulated and exposed poles
protected against short circuit. To protect the wheelchair / mobility aid against accidental activation, please
remove the key, deactivate using the joystick or deactivate using an isolation switch or buttons or other
isolation mechanisms (such as Anderson Connector or Airsafe connectors).


How should I pack my medicine?

All essential medicines MUST be carried in your hand luggage. Airseven can unfortunately not be helpful with cooling. The safety control accepts more than 100 ml of fluid when it comes to medication, in case of prescription medication, it is recommended that you have a conversation with your doctor about. need for any pill pass. as long as it is in original packaging and bears the patient's name. If the medicine you bring with you entails the need for extra luggage weight.


I have difficulty walking and need help getting to the plane on departure and from the plane on arrival. What do I do?

Contact the travel agent and ask them to put a note on the booking. The message will be sent to the airports involved, which will then offer wheelchair assistance.


Do i have to wear a mask on board?

There is no requirement for a mask on board Airseven's flights, however, there may still be a requirement for a mask at some airports, so it is recommended that you contact your travel agent if you have any questions.


How often are our planes cleaned?

After each flight, the plane is cleaned so it is ready for new guests.


Is there a coronapas requirement at my destination?

We refer to your travel agent Learn More Here...

Travel with Dog / Cat

Can you bring a companion dog / guide dog on the trip?

A companion dog / guide dog is a dog that is trained to help people with a disability (emotional or physical). A companion dog / guide dog is accepted on all B737 flights and must sit in such a way that the passenger and the dog do not obstruct exits, emergency equipment and crew.


The dog should sit on the floor and never in a seat. The dog must be held during the entire flight by a string held in the passenger's hand or a string connected to
passenger seat belt.  


If you need to bring a companion dog / guide dog, your travel agency must be contacted and booked in advance. It is the passenger's responsibility to meet the applicable documentation / vaccine requirements.


Can i bring my pet on the trip?

A pet in the cabin may only be a cat or a dog and is accepted on all B737 flights. The total weight of animals and cages must not exceed 8 kg in total. Must sit so that the passenger and the cage do not block exits, emergency equipment and crew. The container must be placed on the floor under the seat in front of the passenger and must never sit on the first row of seats. The container must fit under the front seat and must be close. Acceptance of pets on the flight is also based on the rules of the destination. It is the passenger's responsibility to comply with applicable documentation / vaccine requirements. If you want to bring your pet in the cabin, your travel agency must be contacted in advance for booking.

Emotional Support Animals are not allowed on board our aircraft.


Can I order food for the flight?

Food on the trip must be ordered in advance at the travel agency. Children under 12 years automatically get a children's menu, it is not possible to order food for your child under 2 years.


What if I am a vegetarian / allergic?

You can choose from a number of special menus at Airseven. We serve e.g. lactose-free food, gluten-free food and vegetarian food. Special menus must be ordered no later than three days before departure from the travel agency. If you suffer from airborne nut allergy or similar. contact cabin crew when boarding.


Can I order a special meal for my child who has a food allergy?

The children's menu can be adapted to various allergies and preferences, such as lactose-free food, gluten-free food and vegetarian food, etc. and must be ordered from the travel agency no later than 3 days before departure.


May I bring my own food, soda and alcohol on board?

It is generally not allowed to bring food and drink on board Airseven aircraft.


Do you show movies on board the plane?

Airseven does not have a TV screen on our airplanes.

There is no Wifi on board Airseven's aircraft.

You are welcome to bring your own tablet or smartphone as long as these are in "Flightmode" during the entire flight.


Can I smoke on board?

No. Smoking is strictly prohibited on board, this also applies to electronic cigarettes.


Payment on board

We ONLY accept payment by credit card on board, please note that debit cards can not be used. We accept all common credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard, but not American Express and cards issued in Russian banks.


What can I buy on board?

You can see our range of drinks, snacks and merchandise here...


Can I buy a special seat on board?

We refer here to your travel agency for booking seats on board.

How much hand luggage can I bring?

All passengers over 2 years can bring 1 pc. hand luggage of 5 kg with max dimensions of 56 x 45 x 25 cm incl. wheels and handles

Medical equipment such as CPAP, children's equipment such as strollers and car seats (can only be brought in the cabin if a seat for infants has been booked through the travel agency) and aids such as a walker, can be carried in addition to the 5 kg, with max dimensions of 56 x 45 x 25 cm.


My suitcase is broken or has not arrived, what do I do?

If, contrary to expectations, your suitcase or other checked baggage has not arrived at its destination or if it is damaged, you must report this to Airseven's handling agent who handles our baggage after landing before you go through customs.

Here you will be asked to fill in a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) which is the documentation that the luggage has been reported. It is important that you are sure that the name and address you provide in the notification is the same as what is written on your luggage's nameplate. Every detail you can add about looks and features will help action locate your luggage as quickly as possible. It is important that information is provided about where you can be contacted at your destination if your luggage has been found, possibly. email address.

The search for your luggage begins immediately after your notification is received by our handling agent and you have completed a Property Irregularity Report (PIR).

Airseven does not provide compensation for delay of luggage of any kind in connection with the return journey.


If your checked luggage against expectation and despite the fact that we have all the necessary information about characteristics from
you are not located within 21 days of the date on which it should have arrived, you have the opportunity to apply
compensation for lost luggage.

Compensation for damaged luggage

Airseven's liability is limited under the Montreal Convention. We therefore recommend that you contact your own
insurance company and inquire about the possibility of compensation for damaged luggage.

Article 31 (2) of the Montreal Convention requires a complaint to be sent to [email protected]
within seven days after the damage has occurred.

If you wish to make your claim to Airseven, we draw your attention to the fact that Airseven's liability is conditional on you
documents timely notification that the damage was caused during Airseven's custody, as well as purchase with date and price on it
damaged luggage.

Airseven does not provide compensation for damage caused by faults and defects due to the luggage's own condition, or
for damage caused by overpacked luggage, for cosmetic and / or superficial damage due to wear during
transport - including minor scratches, cracks, dents, stains / dirt, damage to wheels, handles, support feet,
pull-out handles / straps, attached locks and zipper tabs as well as damage in connection with broken locks. Your luggage can be off
safety reasons be investigated without your presence / knowledge - if necessary in the event of a breach of
the lock.

In the event of compensation, the suitcase must be sent to Airseven's office, for further analysis, it is assessed here that Airseven is liable for compensation, a new suitcase of the same model and type or the like is sent.


In the event of compensation, the following must be completed and submitted to Airseven, at [email protected]