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Airseven Fleet

Our aircraft are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure high quality and safe travel for our passengers.

Airseven works diligently to maintain a high level of service standards both during and after the flight, and we believe it can be felt. Our cabin crew is ready to welcome you on board every flight and take good care of you.

Boeing 737-800

Seating: 189
Max. Range: 6.500 km
Speed (take-off): 220-270 km/t
Speed (landing): 200-250 km/t
Wingspan: 34 meter
Lenght: 39 meter
Speed: 840 km/h
Max Altitude: 41.000 ft (12,4 km)
Max Fuel Capacity: 20.800 kg
Crew: Two Pilots, 4 Cabin Crew
Airsevens Fleet: 3