First class aircraft and service!

Airseven has a fleet comprised of three boeing 737-400 aircraft

Our planes are regularly walked through and checked out for maintenance to ensure high quality and safe travel for our passengers.

Airseven is hard at work to ensure a high service level during an after the flight, and we belive that can be felt. Our cabincrew are ready at every flight to welcome you onboard and take good care of you.

Welcome onboard.

B737-400 - Passagerfly

Seating: 168

Max. Range: 4.000 km

Speed (take-off): 220-270 km/t

Speed (landing): 200-250 km/t

Wingspan: 29 meter

Lenght: 36 meter

Marchspeed: 0.74 (Mach)

Max Altitude: 37.000 ft (11,2 km)

Max Fuel Capacity: 16.140 kg

Crew: Two pilots, Four Cabincrew

Amount in airsevens fleet: 3